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If you're a small business owner in need of a website but those 'big business' price quotes that you've been getting are keeping you from getting a website posted, an affordable website is only an email or phone call away. How affordable? For several of my clients I was able to save them a thousand dollars and more to have a comparable website built. So if  you've been putting off having a website built because of high quotes, I'm sure I will be able to get you a website online that you can be proud of at a price you'll find very reasonable. And I make getting a website up and running very simple. It can all be done by email & phone which means no inconvenient in home or office appointment are required. Everything is done at your convenience on your time schedule as your time allows.


Responsive Website Design

Responsive websites are becoming the norm these days for new website design. A responsive website is designed to allow the content of the website to automatically resize to fit the screen of the device in which the website is being viewed. A responsive websites allows the images to stay in proper proportion to the screen and the text easy to read. Responsive websites are becoming very popular because so many people are now using devices other than desktop and laptop computers to surf the web. Website that are not 'responsive' are normally built or designed to fit the screens of desktop & laptop computers. While 'regular/traditional' websites do look nice on large computer screens, they do not allow the content to stay in proper proportion to the screen on smaller mobile devices such as smart phones, pads and Kindles etc.. A non-responsive website can make the content hard to see and the website hard to navigate on mobile devices.


Hybrid Mobile Websites

If you have a website that you would like to get mobilized, especially a large site, and the cost to convert it to a responsive website is more than you can afford to put into the website right now, I have an option that is very cost effective. It's the same principle that was used when smart phones hit the market, which was, to use a second website to display only the most pertinent info that people needed access to about the business when they were on the go. However, I do it with a twist. Instead of optimizing the website for just mobile phones, I make it a 'mobile' responsive website so it will look nice on any size mobile device (pads, tablets and Kindles etc., as well as smart phones). Since the site is only being used to provided essential info, the website only needs to consist of several pages which means the cost is only a fraction of what it would cost to have a large website converted to a responsive website. Below is a link to a hybrid site so you can see how it is utilized. The main site is fairly large and a lot of the info on the main site does not need displayed for people on the go. However, a link is provided on both websites to the other site so the user can flip back and forth between the desktop and mobile site.


Hybrid Mobile Website Example


Website Design Lancaster PA


Website Hosting

OCI Web Services is also a Web Hosting Service which means I am also able to host the websites I build. Like my website design, my hosting services are also very affordable yet my servers are fast and dependable. If you are a website do-it-yourselfer and are looking for a web hosting service, I can set up an account for you so you can maintain your own website and email accounts.



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